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January 18


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Hey all! 

It's that time again - time for a little raffle! :rose:

The prize is relatively small this time; basically a line-art portrait of the character chosen by the winner... I might slap some basecolor onto it, or polish it a bit, but I really can't promise that as the time I have available for art has become really really seriously limited. 
Also I will not give a set time when I'll be finished with it. It might take months, it might take weeks, or it might take hours. It depends so if you're the winner, please be patient and no rushing, k? I will finish it, but at my own pace. 

[Edit] People, please note that the prize-art is lineart only, and will only show the neck, head, hair, ears, face, and possible horns/hat/head-gear or -accessories! :)

SO. On to the rules. There are two.

1. Fave this journal. Once I'm picking the winner I will use a random number-generator to create a number, then find the participant from the faves list with a matching number. So you gotta fav the journal to be able to win.
2. Write a comment to the journal where you give me one or more options of character to draw (I will choose which one I want to draw if you give more than one option). Remember to add some references of the character too! :)

That's it.

The deadline is Friday January 31st at MIDNIGHT EET +2! Check out what it is in your local time at this link:…
Any entry/journal-fave done after that time will be excluded from the raffle.

So yeah! Tell me about the character, what they're like, and give me link to references! 

-J :rose:
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Ya know that destiny don't like me, but i will try.
Dear God of shadows and expression faces,
I wanna please you about my OC. Sorry, i don't have a lot of them.
1. Eriya is woman with long (dark) ginger hair and violet eyes. She's 20 years old or something like that. Slim (not skinny) silhouette. She is person who is still stressed and worried, beacause behind her is still going a dark shadow. Eryia is afraid of the dark, but she has the power to fight with invisible opponent. Woman is wearing too large, long sweater which is in navy blue colour. Her trousers are gray and high knotted boots are black. She is still escaping, but on her face is only anxiety.
Sheik (Legend of Zelda) or Psyme (Sigma Star Saga) :D
LalaLiliLalaLii Jan 30, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
O-ohhh my GOD ;A; So exciting! I've never been lucky in raffles before, but nghhhh..fingers crossed! >.<
Here are some characters of mine that I would absolutely love to have drawn ;;w;; (the link will bring you to their full bio QwQ ahahh)

My main characters, Adeline… and her adoptive son, Lucio… ...Adeline is a gentle, very feminine, positive-minded young lady, while Lucio is a quiet, sad-faced, extremely shy little boy Adeline adopted into her family after her husband died in the battlefield. Adeline has three other adoptive children, and Lucio is the youngest~ o v o

Then there's Anneliese… and Leonard… ...they're both old school vampires (anti-garlic/crosses, coffin-dwellers and all that T w T) and their relationship was made complicated by the fact that Leonard didn't even know Anneliese was a vampire when he married her...and just when she turned him, she learned that he's a claustrophobic ;w;"

There are also Dekhari…… and Arakhi… ...Dekhari is a lamia creature (that's the name for a creature with the lower body of a snake, right? .o.) and Arakhi is a centaur creature...his lower body is of a stag or an elk, though. They're deities of sort, and they're best friends. Dekhari likes to tease Arakhi for having such a serious face that scares both his worshipers and his fellow deities, while Arakhi sometimes teases him back for being so flirty while he know Dekhari already loves someone. q u q;

...Ahh...sorry if it's too long OTL
Sorry if this looks like a wall of text ;A;
How nice raffle! I would love to suprise my sister if I won this and ask you to draw her OC. I know that she's been hoping to get her OC drawn by you. Here is her OC…
Limhinel Jan 29, 2014  Hobbyist
I'm not a lucky person, but can I try to participate too? :3
My character Leonori -…
lizardraar Jan 27, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
This is hard for me. I don't draw, so I don't have any OC's to give you as a referance or anything. I have something in my head though and I could explain it and give reference photos or something. Here goes. It's basically just a girl with long hair, a third eye, deer antlers, and piercings on the bridge of her nose and eyebrows. Whenever I imagine her as a still drawing, her eyes are closed with only the third eye open, she's covering her mouth and crying (no tears are coming from the third eye though). As a character, she's like a witch doctor and she can see the spirit realm with her third eye (she can search your spirit and see the spirits that surround you). Here are some pics of the piercings, the last pic is just to show you where I imagine the third eye to be positioned, but if your artistic gut tells you it would look better higher up, then go for it! One reference could also be your submission, "Winter Aria", she is my favorite version of a girl with antlers. I like to color pictures, which is why I have like 100 permanent markers, so I like the idea of just a line art commission.……
I like how this one has two different sized silver balls, but again, your the artist.…
Like this but silver and on both eyebrows.
Sorry for how long this post is, I'm just trying to give as much info as possible, since I can't draw for you what I'm thinking.
iKillSilently Jan 26, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer that you want me to draw something i seriously cant think of anything!
ok how about...Anohana- there is jintan! or this pic keikakudoori.files.wordpress.c…
anyone you an pick if i win!!!

Woaaaa :omfg: I totally forgot to comment! I could never forgive myself if I had missed the oppertunity xD :faint: 

Here are two characteroptions, my OCs Yron and Ta´ira :D…

I really like both of them so you can choose^^
But I´m really excited for the pics, even it is not mine character :la: 
camibee Jan 25, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Ooh, this should be interesting :D Here's a gallery folder of two OCs of mine, Darius and Helene, if you'd want to draw either of them that'd be awesome :XD:

And here are their bios...
Darius is a 22-year-old bastard prince, half-elf/half-human with bright blue-green eyes. He's well liked by his people for his friendliness and compassion, but he also loud and reckless and easily swayed by emotion (especially with matters that involve family) and his strong sense of justice, which often lead him to making brash decisions that get him into trouble.

Helene is 23 and was rescued from slavers by a guild of mercenaries, who took her in and taught her how to be a thief and assassin. She actually grew to be one of the guild's most promising members and was fondly nicknamed "The Raven". Helene is a master of stealth and secrecy and because of that is prohibited from leaving the mercenary guild, as she is their "little blackbird". She is a person of little words who only says what needs to be said and rarely considers or dwells upon morals and ethics...
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